Our Day


Arrival of children and Breakfast

Each child is greeted individually then eats breakfast. They can participate in quiet activities and engage in creative free play until most children have arrived or have finished breakfast.

9:00 -9:30

Circle time

The teacher brings the group together for our daily activities such as calendar, weather, birthday celebrations, class leader, and discussion of the day’s activities.


Learning Stations

Children choose to play in any of the following areas: library, creative arts, manipulatives and math, sensory and science, writing, dramatic play, music and movement centers. Our children get one on one instruction with the teachers to concentrate on specific skill building activities and conduct their observational assessments.


Clean up/ Snack

The children wash their hands, help set the table, while the teachers provide them with a healthy snack. Teacher uses the time to read the children a story. After snack the children use the restroom.


Gross motor play/Outdoor Play

Children have the opportunity to run and play using their gross motor skills.


Group Time

The teacher brings the group together once again to read stories, do our weekly Show and Tell, and/or do finger plays and songs.



The children eat lunch and prepare for rest.


Rest and quiet play

Most children nap or rest quietly. As children wake from their nap they can engage in quiet activities.

1:30- 1:45

Bathroom Break

The children use the bathroom


Math Concepts

The teacher works with the children on activities that promote math concepts


Small group attention

The teacher brings the group together again for movement and dance, review of the day, and do closing routines.


Departure time and free play

As some of the children prepare to go home, the teacher has contact with the parents. The remainder of the children engage in free play.

3:00- 3:15



Outdoor play

Children select from a number of outdoor activities


Learning centers

Children engage in a number of activities of their interest