Mission: To instill a solid foundation of learning, laughter, and play in all our children thus forging a lifelong path to a bright future. ​

Vision: To serve our children, our community, and deliver the best quality of education to our preschoolers. We want each child to form a solid foundation of learning, good moral character, and have the basis of understanding the importance and enjoyment of life’s connections. ​

Rania is the proud mama of 4 children, all in their elementary years. She serves as director of programs at Happy Days, leading the team by developing the curriculum and ensuring every child is performing to their full potential.

She began her career serving as support professional for children with autism spectrum disorders, followed by teaching within preschools, and then counselled children and adolescence.   She is an accomplished and skilled mental health professional with proven knowledge in Child Development. 

Rania has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology from Montclair State University.